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Project 2010 and Promotional Network

Project 2010 and Promotional Network

The University City of Marburg has at its disposal neither natural resources nor deep-rooted industry and service structures that the region can rely on to advance its economic standing.

The only surplus the city can invest with to ensure economic durability and continue regional development is knowledge; knowledge generated in research facilities, in the university and in the Behring Works successor companies and utilized in business projects and data right here on location.

Together with the "human capital" gathered or reared in Marburg, research is the raw material the city has to secure economic stability for the future. In this sense, the City of Marburg has been working in the past years on taking advantage of its vast scholarly potential as a creative source for inventions and innovations in order to broaden its base for independent and enduring economic development.

At the centre of the various activities to this pursuit is the project "Marburg 2010: Advancement in regional cooperation of the research centre Marburg to an acknowledged site for future technological enterprises in Germany, with high quality of life and as an impulse for the entire region of central Hessen."

Over the years a promotional network (see external links) has been built up that can answer many of the questions concerning Marburgs commitment to business enterprise.

Marburg is a city of science and technology. Because the research area Biotechnology promises to open developmental opportunities, a branch-specific cluster was created for it and placed on the Internet. News from this field of research, employment opportunities offered and sought, and regular biotech meetings are publicised here.

The Initiative Nanothechnology represents yet another network in the stage of developing its cooperation.

With reference to a so-called hit parade for investors - as listed by the renowned institute Bulwein and Partners GmbH in Munich - Marburg stands among the 100 best locations. Some of the most important criteria for evaluation were purchasing power, unemployment rate (at present 7,7%) and future trends in rents and prices.

Marburg is a member of numerous inter-communal committees and institutions for promoting economic and business growth, one of which is the Regionalmanagement fŘr Mittelhessen (central Hessen).

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