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Location and Structure

Location and Structure

The university city of Marburg together with Gie▀en and Wetzlar compose the economic heart of central Hessen. Particularly the Philipps-University of Marburg and the Behring Works with all its successor firms and contacts have made Marburg known around the world.

The favourable geostrategic location is an advantage for many business connections; this economic region can be reached within one hour by train or automobile from the conurbation of Frankfurt am Main with its international airport, located 90 kilometres away.

The Bundesstra▀e 3 (national highway) south of Marburg connects the city with the national autobahn net in the direction of the metropolitan areas along the Rhein and the Ruhr Rivers as well as to the new federal states to the East.

At present, Marburg has approximately 86,000 inhabitants. The level of education of working persons is well above average; about 14% possess an academic degree.

Marburg is a registered municipality and thus competes in the highest league of Hessian cities. The surrounding suburban area has a population of approximately 140,000.

Among Marburgs most important industrial branches is the chemical industry with more than 10% of all employees. Regional industry is characterized further by electronic technology, automobile construction as well as printing and duplications. The number of compulsorily insured employees rose in roughly fifteen years from 27,093 (1984) to 34,480 (2000), showing an above average increase as compared to other municipal areas. In the last seven years alone, 3,500 new jobs were created.

81.7% of compulsorily insured employees in Marburg work in the service sector, 18.1% in production. The highest rate of employment in Marburg is found in the areas of health (university clinics) and scholastics (university); together they employ a total of over 10,000 persons. As a municipality it has all the important government offices, cultural and social institutions as well as a wide array of home economic and business-related services, especially in construction and technical trades.

Marburg is also a shopping and tourist attraction with a nice balance between shopping centres on the edge of town, modern inner-city centres, first-class hotels and the individual shops with their unique selections, pleasant cafÚs, restaurants and pubs in historic architecture. The GFK Regionalforschung (a consumer research group) calculated the per capita purchasing power relevant to retail trade at 92,9 and centrality at 121,2.

Finally, Marburg has established a centralised information and contact site by unifying the city-centre advertising circuits under the Markt- und Aktionskreis Marburg MAK (a marketing and campaign group) and by effecting its close cooperation with the office of tourism (MTM).

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