City of Marburg

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From an historical perspective, the course of Marburg’s development was influenced by three notable events:

  1. The works of St. Elisabeth of Hungary, Countess of Thuringia, who came to Marburg 1228: The pilgrimage church built after her death transformed Marburg into one of the prominent European pilgrimage towns and remains today an attractive tourist site.

  1. The founding of the university in the year 1527 as the first Protestant University in the world: its presence brought the city a reputation that surpassed all surrounding cities and continues to the present. The university was the academic home of Emil von Behring, the first Nobel Laureate for Medicine, and thus influenced the growth of important Biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies at this site.

  1. The annexation of the State of Hessen-Kassel und thus of Marburg by Prussia in the year 1866: The Prussian State not only advanced the university by building up new institutes but also encouraged the systematic construction of new city quarters and institutions.

In cooperation with the city and its commerce, the university serves the entire central Hessian region as an economic impetus under today’s conditions of a society based on technical knowledge and in a global world.

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