City of Marburg

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Old University, view from south (neues Fenster)The University of Marburg

"Universitätsstadt Marburg” (University City of Marburg) greets the visitor from each sign when entering the city.

The Philipps-Universität makes its impact on the city’s life in a variety of ways: in economics, culture, urban planning, social diversity and by adding its own special flair.

You can find more detailed, first hand information on the university’s homepage (see the link in the box on the right side). The "Students’ Union” (Studentenwerk) can give you information about housing, scholarships the student dining hall (the Mensa), and the newly installed internet housing exchange. The General Student Committee (AstA - Allgemeine Studentenausschuss; student government) will inform you about students’ concerns and independent administration.

On our city’s homepage, you can find information about the cooperation and communication between the city and the University of Marburg.

"Studium Generale” (public studies), for example, is also open to non-students.

The other way around, the city of Marburg is committed to providing an attractive cultural and social environment to those who come here to study or teach at the university.

Bildbeschreibung:Students at work  (neues Fenster)To give you an idea of what we mean: Read the list of "Famous Names in Marburg, from A to Z”(see the link "Marburger Berühmtheiten von A-Z" - at the moment only in german Language).

From A as in Wolfgang Abendroth or Hannah Arendt to Z as in Karl Ziegler (recipient of the Nobel prize for Chemistry), the majority of personalities were affiliated with the "alma mater philippina” as teachers or students.

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